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All New 4 Computers to One Device USB 2.0 Sharing Switch

4x1 Manual USB 2.0 Device Sharing Switch

Perfect for Sharing One Printer or Scanner or Storage Device with Up to 4-Computers.

  4 computer to one printer sharing switch usb .20 manual simple  push button switchour usb switch supports all operating systems


USB switches for sharing USB devices between multiple PC's! The USB 4 Port Sharing Switches will share One device between Four PC's. Use for USB Printers, USB Hard Drives, USB Mouse, USB Keyboards, Cameras, Scanners, USB card readers and MORE...

The USB 2.0 High Speed Four Computers X One Device Sharing Switch Manual Push Button Selector. This USB port data switch Includes (2) 5.0ft Long USB 2.0 Certified Cables . ONLY $34.99
  usb printer sharing switch  four  computer inputs and one printer output

USB 2.0 1-Device X 4-Host Computers Data Switch


 SALE PRICE: $34.99

Buy in Discount Quantities!

  • 1 unit $34.99
  • 3 or more units $28.99
  • 12 or more units $27.99


free usb cables A to B 5ft. included with the usb switch box
USB v1.1 and 2.0 compatible
Features and Benefits

    Mini pocket size, smaller and lighter Easy to operate by Push Button control

  • Support Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista; MAC 9.1 to MAC 10.4.5
  • No external power supply required, excellent for Small Office Home Office Applications
  • System automatically detects driver, no driver required
  • Auto detection for device status; in order to prevent the disconnection
  • Technical specifications

Model No.


PC Port


USB Device Port


PC Port Connector

USB Type B Receptacle

USB Device Port Connector

USB Type A Receptacle

USB device selection




Cable Length (PC to Device)

5 meters (max)

USB Power

Bus-powered and AC Adapter Powered via 5VDC Included Adapter

Power Adapter


Operation Temperature

0 C~40 C

Storage Temperature

-20 C~60 C

2X 5ft. USB A to B Cables Included

works with vistaworks with XP

four to one usb share switch udb 2.0 high speed device switch

retail pack usb 2.0 high-speed sharing switch 2 port

With our New 4 Host Computers to One Device Manual Push Button USB Device Sharing Switch You can have up to Four Host Computers Connected to Any One USB Devices and by depressing a small Switch on top of our Box item can be instantly connected to Computer A B C or D, Each Computer Port Selection is Displayed Via LED Light on top of the Switch. Easy to use easy to Read and Select USB Manual Switch Sharing Device Box.

Image Below Shows Two Computers Connected to our 4 Port USB Switch Leaving Two more ports open for expansion at a later time.

image of two computers sharing one printer with our 4 to 1 usb switch box

Share ONE USB 2.0 High-Speed Devices with up to Four Computers in your Home Office.

USB 4x1 4-Host to 1 Device Sharing Switch

USB 2.0 Peripheral Switch

 Allows users to share a USB device, such as, printer, scanner, digital camera etc.

 Up to 4 users up to 1 Device

 Plug and play installation

 LED status indicators

 Simple button operation

 Works with ALL Computers and Devices Does Not Need Any Drivers.

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