USB Switches for sharing Multiple usb devices or PC's
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This USB 2.0 AUTO Switch is Designed for VISTA and XP

NOW Includes two 5ft. USB 2.0 A to B cables, if you need more cables please see our cable section, this switch has been tested to work with cables up to 15ft. in Lenght.

Share one USB device between 4 PC's without manually switching cables! - OR - Increase Device USB Devices with a USB Hub For Multiple PC's with Multiple USB Devices!

The New USB 2.0 USB Share Switch utilizes four USB Ports to switch between four personal computers who wish to share a USB printer,USB scanner or other USB device commonly used to support everyday use. Both home and business will enjoy the benefits of the automatic switching action between PC's and their peripherals.

USB 4 Port Sharing Switch Features

  • Four PC's share a USB Device
  • Works with Windows 2000 & XP & VISTA ONLY
  • Compliant with USB REV1.1 Specification
  • Data transmission is up to 480Mbps
  • Support UHCI and OHCI USB interface
  • Supports USB self power for more USB Hub expansion
  • Uses intellegent software to switch USB device ports and easy operation
  • Handles some HP, Epson USB printers, and IEEE-1284 printers (Built-in IEEE-1284 port) under auto print mode
  • Auto printer mode supports first come first serve
  • Supports 5 meter cable length from PC to share switch or USB device to share switch
  • Easy to share other expensive USB devices such as USB docking stations, USB to USB Bridge, USb to Ethernet and other adapters
  • Easy to extend USB down stream ports of the share switch byusb 4 port sharing switch diagram adding a 4 or 7 port USB Hub
  • Small compact size

USB 2.0 4 Port Auto Share Switch for VISTA and XP!

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